Figure 3 : Immunoblotting results for MFGE8: (A) Representative immunoblot of intracellular MFGE8 protein after 72 hour treatment of Ishikawa cells
with E2 and P4, and hCG, with corresponding β-actin immunoblot. (B) Representative immunoblot of secreted MFGE8 protein in the medium of Ishikawa
cells (without ultracentrifugation of the media) after 24 hour treatment with E2 at 10-7M and P4 at 10-6M. No MFGE8 band was detected even when the
media was concentrated prior to loading onto SDS-PAGE. C; controls; EP: E2 at 10-7M and P4 at 10-6M; pos C: positive control; neg C: negative control.
Immunoblotting results for MFGE8: (C) and (D) Representative immunoblots of secreted MFGE8 protein after ultracentrifugation of the media of cultured
Ishikawa cells after 72 hour treatment with E2 and/ or P4, or hCG. (E) Summary of data from 72 hour treatment with hCG showing a statistically significant
increase in secreted MFGE8 after ultracentrifugation of media (n=8), for the 46 kD protein (1.8 fold increase,* P= 0.03) and for the ~30 kD protein
(1.25 fold increase, **p<0.05) compared to control conditions.


Bocca et al.Cell signalling and Trafficking  2013 1:1DOI : 10.7243/2054-1481-1-1