Figure 4 : (A) Identification of the secreted MFGE8 30 kD band: MS/MS spectra of MFGE8 peptide 1765.657048 from (883.835800, 2+) with the sequence
VTFLGLQHWVPELAR. The y and b ion series corresponding to the various fragments are annotated in the spectrum. The high intensity y5 ion further confirms
the validity of the identification. X-axis: intensity, Y-axis: m/z. (B) Atomic force microscopy of Ishikawa cell microvesicles (microparticles) after isolation from
culture medium and immobilization on mica substrate. 1.25 μm topography (left) and deflection (right) images acquired simultaneously in air, in contact mode.
Taller features appear lighter in color in the topograph images. Deflection images are included for their improved contrast. (C) 1.4 μm topography (left) and
deflection (right) images of diluted sample (1:100). Underneath: Cross sectional showing that the measurement of the microvesicle highlighted in (B) is
approximately 115 nm in diameter.

Bocca et al.Cell signalling and Trafficking  2013 1:1DOI : 10.7243/2054-1481-1-1