Original ResearchOpen Access

Changes in the expression of BNIP-3 and other neuronal factors during the cultivation period of primary cultured rat cerebral cortical neurons and an assessment of each factor's functions

Michihisa Tohda
Cell signalling and Trafficking2014 2: 1 (24 February 2014)
Original ResearchOpen Access

Human endometrial milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor 8 (MFGE8) is up regulated by estradiol at the transcriptional level, and its secretion via microvesicles is stimulated by human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)

Abbaa Sarhan, Silvina Bocca, Liang Yu, Sandra Anderson, Terry Jacot, Tanya Burch, Julius O. Nyalwidhe, Claretta Sullivan, Mandeep Kaur, Vladimir B. Bajic, Sergio Oehninger
Cell signalling and Trafficking2013 1: 1 (17 October 2013)