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Chronicles of Surgery

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Evaluation of Breast Cancer Conservation Surgery Using the Round Block Mammoplasty

Waleed Yusif El Sherpiny*, Amir Fawzy Abdelhamid, Hosam Barakat and Hossam Ramadan Moussa

*Correspondence: Waleed Yusif El Sherpiny

Department of general surgery, Tanta College of Medicine, Tanta, Egypt.


Introduction: Breast conservative surgery has become a well-established alternative to mastectomy in the treatment of breast cancer. However, in case of larger lesions or small-sized breasts, the removal of adequate volumes of breast tissue to achieve tumor-free resection margins may compromise the cosmetic outcome. Oncoplastic techniques have been introduced in recent years to optimize the efficacy of conservative surgery in terms of both local control and cosmetic results.

Patients and methods: A single arm randomized prospective study, conducted on thirty female patients presenting with operable early stage breast cancer that were managed and treated using the “round block” technique, at the surgical oncology unit at Tanta University Hospital during the period from August 2020 to September 2021.

Aim of the Work: The aim of this study was to evaluate the surgical and oncological results of donut mastopexy and to review its complications and cosmetic results.

Results: Ages of patients ranged from 29 to 65 years with a mean age 50.4±9.2. Safety margin was achieved in 26 patients (86.7%), while the deep margin was infiltrated with malignant cells in 4 (13.3%) patients. Minor complications occurred in 8 patients (28.7%); three cases (10%) had seroma. two cases suffered wound infection (6.7%). Dehiscence occurred in two cases (6.7%) and one case (3.3%) was complicated by hypo-pigmentation around the incision. Cosmetic outcome was evaluated 6 months post operatively both subjectively and objectively by the operating surgeons according to ABNSW Scale. Mean follow up period was 12.5 months ranging from 6 to 18 months. No local recurrence or distant metastasis was detected in any of the cases during the study and follow up period.

Conclusion: donut mastopexy is an easily adaptable technique and provides good exposure for a safe oncological excision. The surgical and oncological outcomes are good.

Keywords: Breast cancer, conservative surgery, oncoplastic techniques, round block technique

ISSN 2053-7212
Volume 10
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