Figure 3 : Neurocan immunolocalization in early chick embryos shown on transverse sections.

(A,B) neurocan was undetectable in embryos at stages XIII (late blastula) (A) and HH3-4 (intermediate streak to definitive streak) (B).
(C) Neurocan immunoreactivity was intense in the inchoate neural plate (np) and distinct in the extracellular matrix (em) in embryos at
stage HH4 (definitive streak). e: epiblast; ec: ectoderm; en: endoderm; h: hypoblast; m: mesoderm; ps: primitive streak; y: yolk-laden cell.
Scale bar 50 μm.

Zagris et al.Research Journal of Developmental Biology  2014 1:3DOI : 10.7243/2055-4796-1-3