Research Journal of Drug Abuse

Research Journal of Drug Abuse

ISSN 2057-3111
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Substance abuse and pain in a cohort of college students

Elena Ferrer1, Ray Marks1,2*, Elizabeth Midlarsky3 and Aida Hutz-Midgett4

*Correspondence: Ray Marks

1. Department of Health and Behavior Studies, Teachers College Columbia University, New York, USA.

Author Affiliations

2. Department of Health and Physical Education, School of Health and Behavioral Sciences, York College, City University of New York, USA.

3. Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Teachers College Columbia University, New York, USA.

4. Department of Counselor Education, Boise State University, USA.


Objectives: Substance abuse is widespread among college students. This study strove to: (1) Examine the prevalence of substance abuse among college students; (2) The prevalence of pain among this sample; (3) The relationship between substance abuse and pain among this cohort.

Participants: Participants were 244 undergraduate students from a large public Midwestern College.

Methods: Subjects completed three surveys: A Demographic Survey, a validated Drug Abuse Screening tool; and Pain Questionnaire.

Results: (1) The prevalence of substance abuse was 11.5%; (2) The prevalence of pain was 9.7%; (3) Pain was strongly and positively associated with drug use (<0.01); (4) This association was stronger for women than men, and for Seniors, rather than Freshman (<0.05).

Conclusions: In general, the finding that pain and drug use were strongly and positively linked among this cohort of college students, but varied with gender and years in college, may be useful for designing future tailored prevention programs.

Keywords: College students, drug abuse, pain, prevention

ISSN 2057-3111
Volume 2
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