Research Journal of Drug Abuse

Research Journal of Drug Abuse

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The practice of self-medication for treatment of illnesses for under-five children by mothers in Ibadan, Nigeria

Kabiru K. Salami* and Olubukola J. Adesanwo

*Correspondence: Kabiru K. Salami

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Department of Sociology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


The required ability of individuals to practise 'responsible self-medication' on minor ailments without medical practitioners' attention is demonstrably lacking among mothers of under-five children in Nigeria. There are few studies on mothers' practice of responsible self-medication in Nigeria. Thus, this study was carried out to investigate the practice of self-medication among 226 mothers of under-five children in Ibadan, Nigeria. Findings revealed that 53.4% mothers of under-five whose children fell sick two weeks before the survey applied self-medication as first action; 81.4% disclosed that they ever administered nonprescribed drugs for their children, 47.3% reportedly applied self-medication based on competence, while 19% were encouraged by family members to use non-prescribed drugs. Healthcare practitioners should involve household members in focused awareness on self-medication and its negative implications in order to encourage them to serve as change agents against the practice by mothers.

Keywords: Management of childhood illnesses, patent medicine vendor, self-medication, under-five children, Nigeria

ISSN 2057-3111
Volume 2
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