• Role of PPP2R3C in GR-mediated negative regulation
    Studies shows that the role of PPP2R3C in GR-mediated negative regulation of target genes where knocking down PPP2R3C increased GR level. Glucocorticoids are widely used in cancer therapy and resistance to treatment is a common occurrence. the data presented here could be useful in designing treatment regimens for patients.
    Mol Biol Genet Eng 2013  1 : 2
  • Expression of NOTCH2 in epithelial ovarian cancer
    Decreased NOTCH2 expression is associated with the poorly differentiated serous epithelial ovarian carcinoma histology. Further studies are needed to assess the functional role of NOTCH2 in ovarian cancer and its effect on prognosis.
    Pathol Discov 2013  1 : 4
  • Role of Alcohol pathways with immune, Cation & development in Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Environmental alcohol exposure along with viral infection in the context of perturbed immune genes could be possible clues to the rising incidence of autism spectrum disorder
    J Med Disord 2013  1 : 1
  • The new generation magnetic-iron-detector to measure the iron overload in the human liver
    Magnetic-Iron-Detector can serve a broader patient population, including bariatric patients, and its operation is faster and more automated.
    Med Instrum 2013  1 : 5
  • pH-triggered peptide self-assembly into fibrils
    New self-adjuvanting delivery systems are vital for the development of safe and effective peptide-based vaccines.self-assemble fibrils are formed by application of an O–N intramolecular acyl migration reaction to design a potential vaccine delivery system.
    Bio Chem Comp 2013  1 : 2
  • Glioblastomas: Are individual therapies required for individual tumors?
    Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) accounts for up to 60% of all malignant primary brain tumours in adults. A different therapeutical approach would be required for each tumor, using an individually selected panel of treatment modalities.
    J Cancer Ther Res 2013  2 : 17
  • Expression of monocyte with Behçets disease
    Interaction between T cells and antigen presenting cells is known to be involved in the immunopathogenesis of BD. This study aimed to identify differentially expressed cell surface markers of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in an active and inactive stage of BD patients.
    Pathol Discov 2013  1 : 2
  • Clinical analysis of vulvar carcinoma
    The vulvar carcinoma ratio between the urban and rural areas is found to be more in urban patients than rural patients. Preoperative colposcopy and biopsy can improve the accuracy of early diagnosis. The application of CT and MRI in the preoperative diagnosis should be strengthen.
    Gynecol 2013  1 : 5
  • Desensitization of Cefazolin use in methicillin sensitive Staphylococcul Infections
    For patients that have a true allergy to penicillin, desensitization should be a consideration in treatment, especially in invasive infections.The use of appropriate antibiotics initially is important for the welfare of patients.
    J Pharm Technol Drug Res 2013  2 : 15
  • The clinical significance of biochemical failure in prostate cancer patients
    Patients with prostate cancer treated with neo-adjuvant androgen deprivation therapy and radiation therapy that develop early biochemical failure have a shorter median duration of prostate cancer specific mortality than those with late biochemical failure.
    Oncol Discov 2013  1 : 2