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Quality of life in patients treated with radiofrequency ablation for thyroid nodules

Silvia Oddo, Edineia Felix, Anna Maria Repetto, Michele Mussap, Massimo Giusti
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 4: 1
Case reportOpen Access

When is a carcinoid not what it seems?

Russell Gollard, Diana Garcia, Cole Abrahamson
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 2: 3
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Methane-producing human subjects have higher serum glucose levels during oral glucose challenge than non-methane producers: a pilot study of the effects of enteric methanogens on glycemic regulation

Ruchi Mathur, Deepinder Goyal, Gene Kim, Gillian M. Barlow, Kathleen S. Chua, Mark Pimentel
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 2: 2
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Relationship between alteration of the peptide hormone levels and depression during the gestational period

Keiichi Hiramoto, Yurika Yamate, Hiromi Kobayashi
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 2: 1
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Radioiodine treatment of Graves' hyperthyroidism with and without anti-thyroid medication pretreatment in an Australian teaching hospital

Dixon TS. Ma, Colin B. Styles, Jack R. Wall
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 1: 3
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Hyperprolactinemia and body weight: prevalence of obesity and overweight in patients with hyperprolactinemia

Julia Fernanda Semmelmman Pereira-Lima, Carolina Garcia Soares Leães, Flávio Maciel Freitas Neto, Malu Viter da Rosa Barbosa, Ana Luiza Mattos da Silva, Miriam da Costa Oliveira
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 1: 2
Case reportOpen Access

Non-functional adrenal gland ganglioneuroma: case report

Rashmi D. Patel, Aruna V. Vanikar, Hargovind L. Trivedi
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 1: 1