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Severe bullous diseases in the Czech Republic

Bretislav Lipovy1*, Hana Klosová2, Monika Tokarik3, Tomáš Kempný1, Zuzana Chaloupková1,2, Jiří Štětínský2, Pavel Brychta1, Ludomír Broz3 and Zdenka Němečková Crkvenjaš2

*Correspondence: Bretislav Lipovy b.lipovy@seznam.cz

1. Department of Burns and Reconstructive Surgery, University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic.

Author Affiliations

2. Burn Center, University Hospital Ostrava, Czech Republic.

3. Prague Burn Center, Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.


Aim: The study is to establish basic epidemiological characteristics of patients hospitalized in the Czech Republic with a diagnosis of toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) and Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS).

Material and methods: This is a retrospective multicenter study including hospitalized patients in the Czech Republic in the period from 1st January 1994 to 31st December 2010. The basic condition for inclusion in the study is TEN (L512) or SJS (L511) as the primary diagnosis according to International Classification of Diseases 10th version (ICD–10). The two diseases have similar clinical presentations, but have different nosological codes, which were retrieved from our database. Information was obtained from a central data depository-Department of Health Information and Statistics (National Registry of hospitalized patients).

Results: A total of 626 patients were hospitalized in our followed period. Of these, 163 patients were hospitalized with toxic epidermal necrolysis and 463 patients with Stevens-Johnson syndrome. The overall M:F ratio in the sample was 1:1.15. In the group of patients with TEN M:F ratio was 1:1.31 and in the SJS group M:F ratio was 1:1.11. The mean incidence in the period in patients with TEN was 0.93 cases/million inhabitants per year. In patients with SJS, the average incidence was 2.64 cases/million inhabitants per year. The average age was 39.2 years, in patients with TEN it was 40.1 years (SD±21.5) and in patients with SJS 38.4 years (SD±11.98). The average length of hospitalization was 11.3 days. In patients with TEN, the average length of hospitalization was slightly higher (11.8 days (SD±3.11)) when compared with SJS group (10.7 days (SD±6.48)). From the total of 626 patients, 54 patients died. Of these, it was 47 patients with TEN and 7 patients with SJS.

Conclusion: In a retrospective study confirms that SJS and TEN are rare diseases and their incidence in the Czech Republic closer to the results of most large epidemiological studies.

Keywords: Toxic epidermal necrolysis, stevens-Johnson syndrome, inhabitants, Czech Republic

ISSN 2054-9911
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