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Participatory disease surveillance of transboundary animal diseases in Gboko, konshisha and Katsina Ala Local Government areas of Benue State, Nigeria

Ndumari Wachida, Terzungwe Tughgba, Paul Hambesha
Epidemiology Reports 5: 1
Original ResearchOpen Access

Cancer mortality around U.S. nuclear power plants

John F Hart, Brant Ulsh
Epidemiology Reports 3: 6
Original ResearchOpen Access

Rural-urban differentials in family planning practices and determinants of use among men in anambra state

Chigozie O Ifeadike, Precious N Eze, Uchenna Ugwoke, Godswill A Nnaji
Epidemiology Reports 3: 5
Original ResearchOpen Access

Assessment of risk of developing diabetes mellitus among local government employees in Onitsha, south-eastern Nigeria

Uloma Agu, Maurice C Agu, Godswill A Nnaji
Epidemiology Reports 3: 4
Short reportOpen Access

Air temperature and death rates in Texas, 1968-2013

John Hart
Epidemiology Reports 3: 3
Original ResearchOpen Access

Assessment of risk in longitudinal observational studies with time-varying drug exposures for treatment of a chronic disease

Ada O Youk, Linda M Mundy, Samantha St. Laurent, Michael F Lann, Steven J Bowlin
Epidemiology Reports 3: 2
Original ResearchOpen Access

Performance of an administrative claims algorithm to estimate the incidence of pure red cell aplasia in chronic hepatitis C patients

Scott C Quinlan, Jennifer C.L Hawes, Daniel Mines, Shirin Ahmed, Stephan Lanes, Vinay Mehta, Crystal N Holick, Nancy Santanello, T Christopher Mast
Epidemiology Reports 3: 1
Original ResearchOpen Access

Severe bullous diseases in the Czech Republic

Bretislav Lipovy, Hana Klosová, Monika Tokarik, Tomáš Kempný, Zuzana Chaloupková, Jiří Štětínský, Pavel Brychta, Ludomír Broz, Zdenka Němečková Crkvenjaš
Epidemiology Reports 2: 5
Original ResearchOpen Access

Restless legs syndrome and cancer: an analysis in three independent studies

Andrea Fuhs, Dunya Bentama, Wolfgang Hoffmann, Henry Völzke, Johannes Mathis, Klaus Kraywinkel, Klaus Berger
Epidemiology Reports 2: 4
Original ResearchOpen Access

Elevated body fat is a risk factor for venous thromboembolism and thrombotic complications

Aránzazu García-Raso, Pilar Llamas Sillero
Epidemiology Reports 2: 3