Gastroenterological and Intestinal Systems

Gastroenterological and Intestinal Systems

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The Histomorphology of Colonic Behcet's Disease

Yilmaz Bas

*Correspondence: Yilmaz Bas

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Department of Pathology, Hitit University, Education and Research Hospital, Corum, Turkey.


Intestinal Behcet's Disease (BD) may manifests with several signs varying from superficial and deep ulcers to massive bleeding and colon perforation. Both mucosal ulcer and inflammation observed as a result of the affected small diameter vessels and ischemic damage findings due to the affected large diameter vessels are significantly associated with morbidity and mortality. In addition, differential diagnosis may be histomorphologically challenging particularly in other diseases involving colon lesions. These histomorphologic findings become important because of the lacking a pathognomonic test for definitive diagnosis. This article discusses histomorphological findings of BD that are much more important in pathology pratics of in addition to epidemiological, etiological and clinical features of the disease.

Keywords: Colon, Behcet's disease, histomorphologic findings

ISSN 2054-4154
Volume 5
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