Figure 7 : Agarose gel analysis of the inverse PCR products obtained for 3 insertional mutants.

Genomic DNA of transformants Z34, Z198 and Z7 was isolated, digested and ligated as described in the
materials and methods section. The resulting ligations were used as template for nested PCR. In the
first amplification round (A) RB1 and LB1 primers were used with the resulting ligation as template.
In the second round (B) primers RB4 and LB4 were used for reamplification of different dilutions of the
PCR products obtained in the first round. Lines 1 and 2: 1Kb ladder DNA marker; a, b and c correspond
to dilutions 1:1, 1:10, 1:100, respectively.

León et al.Genomics Discovery  2013 1:2DOI : 10.7243/2052-7993-1-2