Figure 2 : Immuno-histochemical analyses using standard streptavidin-biotin
labeling technique.

(A) Higher magnification better showing the single components of the hamartomatous
lesion: at the periphery are easily recognizable brightly eosinophilic striated muscle cells,
while at the center of the lesion there is fibrous tissue in which are set small-sized nerves,
blood vessels, and small islands of mature adipose tissue (haematoxylin and eosin staining;
original magnification x100).
(B) Serial section stained with anti-S-100 protein antibodies: Schwann cells of the nerves
exhibit a strong and diffuse cytoplasmic immunoreactivity (immunoperoxidase staining;
original magnification x100).

Musumeci et al.Journal of Histology & Histopathology  2014 1:8DOI : 10.7243/2055-091X-1-8