Figure 2 : Small and Large Intestines and Diaphragm.

The frozen sections of duodenum showed linear and vertical lymphatic vessels in lamina propria and aggregates of small lymphatic vessels between inner and outer smooth muscle bundles (A). There were scattered small blood vessels in lamina propria and numerous round blood vessels in submucosa (B). The frozen sections of jejunum showed large, tall villi containing dilated lymphatic vessels (C) and small blood vessels (D). There were small lymphatic vessels and round , larger blood vessels in submucosa (C and D). The frozen sections of large intestine showed a few vertically extending lymphatic vessels and scattered small blood capillaries in lamina propria (E and F). There were numerous linear lymphatic vessels and larger, round arteries and veins in submucosa (E and F). Diaphragm showed numerous, small linear lymphatic vessels in subserosa, and fine fibrous septa (G) and scattered small capillaries diffusely distributed at the outer margin of the striated muscle and there were many arteries and veins in broader fibrous septa (H). a: artery, v: vein A to H: Frozen sections A,C,E and G: LYVE-1, B,D, F and H:F-8 immunostained.

Tomita et al.Journal of Histology & Histopathology  2023 10:1DOI : 10.7243/2055-091X-10-1