Figure 3 : Liver and Pancreas.

The frozen sections of liver showed stronger LYVE- 1 immunostained sinusoids in frozen sections than paraffin-embedded sections (A and B). The LYVE-1 immunostaining was stronger in pericentral lobe than in periportal lobe, in the latter there was less staining in frozen section and no staining in paraffin-embedded sections (A and B). Frozen sections of liver immunostained only large blood vessels not immunostaing sinusoids (C). Double immunostaining with paraffin-embedded sections for LYVE-1 and F-8 showed LYVE-1 positive staining in sinusoids and F-8 positive staining in arteries and veins (C and D). Frozen sections of pancreas showed diffuse weak staining for LYVE-1 in islets and baskets of tangled capillaries around and in the entire islets for F-8 immunostaining (E and F). In paraffin-embedded sections of pancreas and metastatic pan-NET lesions, there were strong immunostaining for LYVE-1 in islets and lymphatic vessels in normal pancreas (G)), hepatic sinus in the metastatic liver with pan -NET (H) and lymphatic sinus in lymph node with metastatic gastrinoma (I). c: central vein, i:islet, p: portal area A,C,E and F: Frozen sections, B,D, G, H and I: paraffinembedded sections from Tomita, T. Pancreas 35(e18-e22. A, B, E, G,H and I: LYVE-1, C and F: F-8, D: LYVE-1 and F-8 double immunostained.

Tomita et al.Journal of Histology & Histopathology  2023 10:1DOI : 10.7243/2055-091X-10-1