Figure 4 : Thyroid, Ovary, Prostate and Kidney.

The frozen sections of thyroid showed abundant scattered linear lymphatic vessels in fine fibrous septa (A) and abundant larger, round blood vessels in the broader septa (B). Ovary showed diffusely, scattered small, linear lymphatic vessels (C) and diffusely, rounder blood vessels around the Graafian follicles in the fibrous stroma (D). Prostate showed many, small linear scattered lymphatic vessels in the sub-capsular and interstitial stroma (E) and numerous small, linear blood vessels in the septa (F). The cortex of kidney showed a few small, linear lymphatic vessels around the glomeruli while glomerular endothelia were diffusely immunostained for F-8 in the full thickness and there was stronger immunostaining for F-8 in larger blood vessels than smaller vessels(G and H). The medulla of kidney revealed many small lymphatic vessels adjacent to blood vessels and in the fine fibrous stroma (I and J). a:artery, g:glomelurus, n:neuron, v: vein A-J: Frozen sections A,C,E,G and I: LYVE-1, B,D,F,H and J: F-8 immunostained.

Tomita et al.Journal of Histology & Histopathology  2023 10:1DOI : 10.7243/2055-091X-10-1