Figure 5 : The structure of female (a,b) and male (c,d) mammary gland sections according to H&E stain.

(a): Showing thick capsule (cap), vascular stroma (bv) and ducts (d). [H&E, X100. Bar, 100μm].
(b):Showing scattered duct system surrounded by dense eosinophilic stroma (s) which is full of
fibroblasts (arrows). [H&E, X400. Bar, 100μm].
(c): Showing thin capsule, thin periductal fibrous stroma (arrow head), many alveoli and inguinal lymph
node (LN). [H&E, X100. Bar,100μm].
(d): Showing lobulo-alveolar structure (arrows) predominant in male gland. [H&E, X400. Bar, 100μm].

Gouda et al.Journal of Histology & Histopathology  2015 2:5DOI : 10.7243/2055-091X-2-5