Figure 8 : Anti-ENT1 labeling on cells growing on Transwell inserts.

Electron micrographs of sections through Lowicryl HM20- embedded V-19 cells labeled with anti-ENT1 antibodies and 10 nm protein A gold. A) Gold particles arrow were associated with endoplasmic reticulum(ER) profiles and cytokeratin-like structures(arrowheads). B) Gold particles(arrow) bound to the inner part of a junctional complex between two cells. C) The nuclear envelope(NE) labels with protein A gold. D) Gold particles associate with different regions of the junctional complex. E) Gold particles are present over mitochondria and small vesicular structures. F) Gold particles are bound to a region over the inside of a mitochondrion. In addition to labeling the inside of a mitochondrion, there are gold particles on the mitochondrial membrane (M), over other double-membrane structures (arrow), and single membrane structures (arrowhead). The double membranes around the intracellular bodies suggest they are mitochondria. G) Gold particles label mitochondria (arrows) and a small singlemembrane vesicle profile(arrowhead). Scale Bars = 200 nm.

Webster et al.Journal of Histology & Histopathology  2020 7:5DOI : 10.7243/2055-091X-7-5