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Ultrastructure and Pathology Study of the Effect of an Antidepressant (Olanzapine) on the Health of Mitochondria in liver of male Albino Rat

Nafisa Mohammad Batarfi

*Correspondence: Nafisa Mohammad Batarfi

Biology Department, Faculty of Science, University of Jeddah, Sao Tome and Principe.


Background: Depression is one of the most common diseases in the last period, and it is a psychological disease that affects different age groups. In a scientific study conducted in the United States, the prevalence of it was large and expected to spread in other countries, which made it a catalyst for many doctors to do many studies that depend on the effect of sedative drugs (Andrade L, et al., ( 2003)). Olanzapine is considered an anti-depressant medication and may have a direct impact on the body’s organs in general. Therefore, many studies have examined the harm of taking sedative drugs and the possibility of studying changes or side effects to them and the possibility of treatment where many studies indicated the impact of the liver by it, as the liver is the first organ in the process of filtering the body from toxins with fatty tissue.

Methods: The study was conducted on 50 male white rat (Albino rat) and divided into groups. The first group: (10) rats, the negative group that fed the standard meal, the second group: (10) rats, the treatment group that was given a dose of ZYPREXA at a rate of 6 mg/kg/day for eight weeks orally by the gastric tube. The dissection was carried out, a sample was taken from the liver and placed in the anthrax-stabilizer “primary stabilizer”, then placed in osmium and the steps followed for electronic microscopy were followed (Bancroft & Stevens, (1996)).

Results: When examining the micro-structural sectors of the liver tissue, pathological changes in the hepatic sectors appeared from their normal form, with blood stasis, bleeding and inflammation of the hepatic cells. Acute deformation of the hepatocytes and mitochondrial degeneration and change in its forms with the fragmentation of the rough endoplasmic reticulum and the abundance of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum, a large number of caper cells and phagocytic cells, hematuria, the emergence of collagen fibers and deformation in the portal area and bile ducts.

Keywords: Zyprex, Liver, Sinusoid, Kupffer cell, I to cell, hepatocytes

ISSN 2055-091X
Volume 7
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