Figure 3 : Structures of the mRNA 3'UTR and detection of the asRNA

The 3'-termini of various mRNAs are schematically shown. The coding sequence (CDS) and the 3'UTR, both of which correspond to the last exons, are aligned to the stop codons. The size of the 3'UTR without a poly(A) tail (An) is: 642 nucleotides (nt) (IL-23A), 258 nt (CCL2), 454 nt (CCL20), 1855 nt (CX3CL1), 940 nt (CD69), 499 nt (IκB-α), 729 nt (NF-κB p65), and 683 nt (NF-κB p50). Location of AREs in the 3'UTRs are depicted by rhomboids, and numbers of the ARE motifs are indicated in the right side. The AREs conserved between rat and human are shown by green rhomboids. Gene-specific sense primers for RT and the regions amplified by PCR to detect the asRNAs are indicated by blue arrowheads and double-headed arrows beneath the 3'UTRs. The asRNAs corresponded to these amplified regions indicated by double-headed arrows.

Nishizawa et al.  2012 1:10DOI : 10.7243/2050-0874-1-10