Figure 1: The employed constructs and alignment of the conserved EGF-like consensus sequences.

(A) Diagrams of the target region of the constructs for the generation of RNAi flies and for the recombinant proteins for in vitro binding assays. Rectangular bars show the obtained recombinant proteins. Gray areas of the bars represent the EGFlike consensus region. (B) Details of amino acid sequences of the conserved EGF-like sequences are highlighted in gray and the essential cysteine and glycine residues in black in panel B. X can be any arbitrary amino acids. In the C-terminus region, dScgβ and dScgδ possess an EGF-like consensus sequence, which is characteristic of EGFR ligands such as human TGFα and Spitz (Drosophila homologue of TGFα). This sequence is also conserved in mammalian Sarcoglycans except α- and ε-Sarcoglycan. The numbers written below the black-highlighted cysteine (C) indicate the amino acid numbers counted from the N-terminus.

Yamaguchi et al.HOAJ BIOLOGY  2012 1:7DOI : 10.7243/2050-0874-1-7