Figure 4 : Expression of rhomboid in 35-hour APF retinae.

Knockdown flies for any sarcoglycans showed ectopic expression of rhomboid in two unknown cells of each ommatidium. Red and green indicate anti-lacZ and anti-Elav signals, respectively. The white arrowheads indicate examples of cells ectopically expressing rhomboid. Although the level of the fluorescence differs in each sample, it does not simply reflect the differences in the expression level as this is mainly due to technical difficulties. (A)GMR-GAL4/+;+;+/X63 (B)GMR-GAL4/+;+;UAS-IR-dscgβi1/ X63 (C)GMR-GAL4/+;UAS-IR-dscgβi2/+;X63/+ (D)GMRGAL4/+; UAS-IR-dscgαi1/+;X63/+ (E)GMR-GAL4/+;UAS-IRdscgαi2/+; X63/+ (F)GMR-GAL4/+;+;UAS-IR-dscgδi1/X63 (G) GMR-GAL4/+;+;UAS-IR-dscgδi2/X63

Yamaguchi et al.HOAJ BIOLOGY  2012 1:7DOI : 10.7243/2050-0874-1-7