Figure 7 : Expression of Spitz and Argos in 35-hour APF pupal retinae.

Red signals indicate expression of spitz (left panels) or argos (right panels), visualized by anti-lacZ antibody staining, whereas green signals indicates anti- Elav signals in photoreceptor cells. The white arrowheads indicate examples of the two extra cells per each ommatidium, showing expression of spitz (left panels) or argos (right panels) in the control (upper panels) or dscgβ knockdown (lower panels) flies.(left, upper) GMR-GAL4/+;spik05808/+;+ (left, lower) GMR-GAL4/+;spik05808/+;UAS-IR-dscgβi1 strain72)/+ (right, upper) GMRGAL4/+; arg05845/+;+ (right, lower)GMR-GAL4/+;arg05845/+;UAS-IR-dscgβi1 strain72)/+

Yamaguchi et al.HOAJ BIOLOGY  2012 1:7DOI : 10.7243/2050-0874-1-7