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HOAJ Biology

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Region Distribution of Industrial Environmental Load and its Intensity in Baiyangdian Basin of China

Jiansu MAO1*, Pan JIANG1, Lan MA , Chunhui LI and Jun WANG2

*Correspondence: Jiansu MAO maojs@bnu.edu.cn

Author Affiliations :

1. State Key Joint Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control, School of Environment, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, P.R.China.


The industry is an important sources for the environmental pollution in Baiyangdian basin. A region distribution of the environmental loads can provide supporting information for effective environmental improvement. Based on an analysis of the key ecological environmental problems, we take the receiving water body of the industrial wastewater as the region unit, and select the industrial freshwater consumption, the industrial wastewater discharge and its contained pollutions as the main industrial environmental loads, the region distribution of the industrial environmental load and its intensity in Baiyangdian basin are estimated.The results show that freshwater consumption intensity of Caohe is the largest and is 3.21 times than the average level of the basin; the receiving quantity of the industrial wastewater of Baiyangdian is largest, is up to 6735 ton and accounts for 41.2% of the total. The COD receiving quantity of Caohe, Daqinghe and Baiyangdian are the three top highest. Meanwhile the ammonia-nitrogen receiving quantity of Zhulonghe is up to 202.04 ton/yr and accounts for 44.6% of the total; and the BOD receiving intensity of Zhongyishui and Caohe is about 6 times than the average level of the basin.

ISSN 2050-0874
Volume 1
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