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The cytogenetic effect of Euphorbia tirucalli stems methanolic extract on sperm head morphology in male albino mice

Reyam jameel Al-Shaikhli, Abbas Abdullah Al-Janabi
HOAJ Biology 6 : 1

Original Research   Open Access

Osmolality and ionic status of hemolymph and branchial Na+/K+-ATPase in adult mitten crab during seawater adaptation

Tatsuya Sakamoto, Satoshi Ogawa, Yudai Nishiyama, Waichirou Godo, Hideya Takahashi
HOAJ Biology 2 : 5

Original Research   Open Access

Correlation between body mass index and blood glucose levels among some Nigerian undergraduates

Onyesom Innocent, Oweh O ThankGod, Etumah O Sandra, Ifie E Josiah
HOAJ Biology 2 : 4

Original Research   Open Access

The polymorphisms of chemokine gene in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) and the associations with susceptibility/resistance to Edwardsiella ictaluri

Chongbo He, Lei Gao, Xiaoxi Du, Hao Su, Xianggang Gao, Yunfeng Li, Xiangbo Bao, Weidong Liu
HOAJ Biology 2 : 3

Original Research   Open Access

HDAC inhibitors: applications in oncology and beyond

Omika Katoch, Bilikeri S Dwarakanath, Paban K Agrawala
HOAJ Biology 2 : 2

Original Research   Open Access

Children with growth hormone (GH) deficiency treated with recombinant human GH have an increased frequency of CD57+ T and CD56+ NK cells and an augmented IFN-γ production in lymphocytes

Yuji Koike, Shuhji Seki
HOAJ Biology 2 : 1

Original Research   Open Access

Two epithelial cell lines, MCF7 and HCC2998, dissociate after hyperactivation of p38 MAP kinase

Yasuhisa Fukui, Rintaro Okoshi, Chung-Li Shu
HOAJ Biology 1 : 12

Original Research   Open Access

Localization of mRNA export factors in early mouse embryos

Irina O. Bogolyubova, Dmitry S. Bogolyubov
HOAJ Biology 1 : 11

Original Research   Open Access

Characterization of natural antisense transcripts expressed from interleukin 1β-inducible genes in rat hepatocytes

Emi  Yoshigai, Takafumi Hara, Tetsuya Okuyama, Tadayoshi Okumura, Masaki Kaibori, A Kwon, Mikio Nishizawa
HOAJ Biology 1 : 10

Database   Open Access

Diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: a review

Nilgün Tekkesin
HOAJ Biology 1 : 9

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