Hormonal Studies

Hormonal Studies

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Short report

Idle gossip about validity of intralesional steroid injection in treating central giant cell granuloma

Ebtissam Alerraqi

Correspondence: Ebtissam Alerraqi ebtissam.erraqi@gmail.com

Author Affiliations

Department of Oral Pathology and Medicine, Ministry of Health, Cairo University, Egypt.


Treating central giant cell granuloma (CGCG) via intralesional injection of steroids was proven effective in some cases. Later, clinicians have preferred this treatment modality to surgical intervention for it avoids gnathic/bony disfigurement. Advocating this non-surgical therapy, several papers and reviews have recommended putting it into action as the first line of treatment, alone or combined with other treatment options, especially in treating aggressive CGCG. Other authors have reported inaccurate information to validate this approach. This paper scrutinizes, in retrospect, the infelicities about treating CGCG via intralesional injection of steroids and concludes that intralesional steroid injection is useful ONLY in treating non-aggressive CGCG and peripheral giant cell granulomas.

Keywords: Triamcinolone, cushing's disease, giant cells, central granuloma, intralesional injection, intralesional steroid, CGCG

ISSN 2052-8000
Volume 4
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