Short reportOpen Access

Idle gossip about validity of intralesional steroid injection in treating central giant cell granuloma

Ebtissam Alerraqi
Hormonal Studies 4: 1
Original ResearchOpen Access

Vitamin D and biomarkers of sex steroid hormones are non-linearly and inversely related to all-cause mortality: results from NHANES III

Hind A Beydoun, Shaker M Eid, Hueiwang Anna Jeng, Alan B Zonderman, May A Beydoun
Hormonal Studies 3: 1
Original ResearchOpen Access

Deficits in KCC2 and activation of the HPA axis lead to depression-like behavior following social defeat

Stephanie Miller, Jamie Maguire
Hormonal Studies 2: 2
ReviewOpen Access

Growth hormone and noonan syndrome: update in dysfunctional signaling aspects and in therapy for short stature

Patrick Raynal
Hormonal Studies 2: 1
ReviewOpen Access

CIN85 defect in brain and neurobehavioral disorder: involvement in excess dopamine signaling

Noriaki Shimokawa, Shinnosuke Masuda, Hiroko Masuda, Noriyuki Koibuchi
Hormonal Studies 1: 2
ReviewOpen Access

Hormonal regulation of regucalcin gene expression: involvement in cell metabolism

Masayoshi Yamaguchi
Hormonal Studies 1: 1