Figure 10 : Representative sections cut from spleen

(A-F, top row) and thymus (G-L, bottom row) of control mice were labeled by immunohistochemistry with antibodies to STAT1 (A and G), STAT2 (B and H),
STAT3 (C and I), STAT4 (D and J), STAT5 (E and K) and STAT6 (F and L). The dark brown nuclear stain represents STAT antibodies binding to each specific STAT
protein. In spleen (A-F), all six STAT proteins were mainly localized in the T cell area of the white pulp. Immunostaining of all STAT proteins localized within cell nuclei
in the spleen (A-F). In the thymus (G-L), immunostaining for all STAT proteins was also confined to the nuclei, except STAT2 (H), which was localized in both cytoplasm
and nuclei. Magnification=400X.

Shindler et al.Immunology Innovation  2013 1:3DOI : 10.7243/2053-213X-1-3