Figure 4 : Protein was extracted from spleens isolated from EAE mice 5 days post-immunization.

(A) Western blot of protein extracts demonstrates expression of STAT family members in spleens of EAE
(lanes 1–5, except cytosolic STAT 3 and 4, for which only lanes 1-4 are from EAE mice, n=4-5) and control
(lanes 6–11 [lanes 5-9 for cytosolic STAT 3 and 4], n=5-6) mice. Expression was analyzed in both cytosolic
(left column) and nuclear (right column) fractions of protein extracts. (B) There was a significant decrease
(**P<0.01) of both cytosolic (top row) and nuclear (bottom row) STAT4 and STAT5 expression in spleens
from EAE mice compared with spleens from control mice, while STAT3 and STAT6 only significantly decreased
(**P<0.01) in the nuclear fraction of protein extracts from EAE mice, and remained the same in the cytosolic
fractions (P>0.05). The level of STAT1 protein did not change in either cytosolic or nuclear extracts of the
EAE mice compared with controls. Values are presented as mean ± SEM.

Shindler et al.Immunology Innovation  2013 1:3DOI : 10.7243/2053-213X-1-3