Figure 7 : Protein was extracted from spleens isolated from EAE mice 10 days post-immunization.

(A) Western blot of protein extracts demonstrates expression of STAT family members in spleens of
EAE (lanes 1–5, n=5) and control (lanes 6–11, n=6) mice. Expression was analyzed in both cytosolic
(left column) and nuclear (right column) fractions of protein extracts. (B) There was a significant
decrease (**P<0.01) of both cytosolic (top row) and nuclear (bottom row) expression of STAT1,
STAT4, STAT5 and STAT6 proteins in spleens from EAE mice compared with spleens from control
mice, while STAT3 only significantly decreased (**P<0.01) in the nuclear fraction of protein extracts
from EAE mice. Values are presented as mean ± SEM.

Shindler et al.Immunology Innovation  2013 1:3DOI : 10.7243/2053-213X-1-3