Journal of Immunotherapy Applications

Journal of Immunotherapy Applications

ISSN 2055-2394
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PTD-J domain acts as an antigen carrier for cell mediated immunity

Tai-Yun Lin, Yu-Hsiu Su and Chin-kai Chuang*

*Correspondence: Chin-kai Chuang

Author Affiliations

Division of Animal Technology, Laboratories of Animal Technology, Agricultural Technology Research Institute No. 1, Lane 51, Dahu Rd., Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City 30093, Taiwan.


BALB/c mice elicited specific cell-mediated immunity after transplantation with CT26 cells stably expressing human telomerase reverse transcriptase (CT26(hTERT#10)). Restingmemory T cells were reactivated in vitro by CT26(hTERT#10) cells and PTD-J-hTERTepi recombinant proteins, in which the polypeptide hTERTepi comprised TH and TC epitopes, as indicated by interferon γ (IFNγ) secretion. Preand post-injections of PTD-J-hTERTepi with in vitro expanded and differentiated dendritic cells reduced CT26(hTERT#10) tumor size. Moreover, Hsp72 activated numerous splenocytes to perform IFNγ secretion and further reduced tumor sizes.

Keywords: PTD-J domain, hTERT, epitopes, cellular immunity

ISSN 2055-2394
Volume 2
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