Benefits of publishing

1. Quality peer review

Herbert Publications is a Gold Open Access journal publishing group committed to provide a rapid access to quality peer-reviewed journals covering all disciplines broadly in life sciences, medical research, chemistry alongside technology and management.

  • Herbert Publications possess Editorial Board members from diverse countries. We have strong Editorial Board with immense knowledge in the respective subjects.
  • Herbert Publications adopts COPE and ICMJE guidelines to attain standard peer review system. All journals from Herbert Publications operate single-blinded peer review process and aims to publish high quality articles.
  • Herbert Publications is committed to provide rapid publication process and aims to complete the whole process in 7 weeks.
  • Editors are given 3 weeks time to complete Editorial review in which the reviewers should be given 2 weeks to send their fair and constructive reviews to the Editor. Concurrently, the final decision should be taken by the Editor-in-Chief to publish the accepted manuscript.
  • Special Sections : Special sections focus on specific areas of research and boost the scientific research on major topics.

2.Indexing sources

All the published articles are indexed in Google Scholar. Some of our journals are indexed in CAS, Index Copernicus, CABI, DOAJ and OAJSE.

3. Article Metrics

Herbert Publications provide clear insights of article statistics like article views, downloads, number of citations (Crossref Service), article in indexing sources like pubmed, social media shares, likes & Tweet counts, number of comments for the articles e.t.c.
To view example on how articles metrics are presented for each article, please follow the link:

4. Social promotions

Articles published in Herbert Publications are promoted through social networking sites such as Facebook  , Twitter , Google+ , Linked In  and Mendeley .

5. Author Benefits

Herbert Publications provides various benefits for authors such as

  • Rapid Publication :: Accepted articles are published online in their final form and fully citable, approximately three weeks from acceptance.
  • Simple Online Submission System :: All the manuscripts are dealt with our easy online submission system. Please find the link for manuscript submission.
  • DOI-Cross ref : Digital Objective Identifier, a permanent unique identifier for an electronic document used to cite and link the published article electronically. This will enable researchers or readers to navigate electronically published articles at a citation level irrespective to publisher or journal.
  • CrossMark Policy : CrossMark is a multi-publisher initiative from the CrossRef organization to provide a standard way for readers to locate the final version of a document. A CrossMark logo will appear on a PDF file or HTML page indicating that the publisher is maintaining the published document through corrections, updates and retractions. Clicking the CrossMark logo reveals update information about the document and tells readers whether they are accessing the most recent and reliable version or not.
  • Reprints : Article reprints from Herbert Publications commit to promote your research work with its professional quality reprints service delivered directly to your door at an affordable value. Reprints are produced from the final PDF of the article.
  • MathJax :  MathJax, a project of the MathJax Consortium. MathJax is used to display high quality mathematical equations and calculations, compatible with all modern web browsers, easy and flexible for authors.
  • Epub : Herbert Publications launched EPub file formats for original and research articles in all its Journals. EPub is a free open e-book developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum. EPub allows the reader user friendly navigation anytime and is best suited for reading on any electronic devices.
  • News Letters : Herbert Publications provide updated information delivered to your inbox at optional time periods. Be a part of our scientific community that includes scientists, researchers, scholars and students receiving alerts in their relevant subject area. Subscribe now to receive email alerts about our newly published articles, launched journals or other updates as newsletters.
  • Cited-by Linking : Cited-by Linking is a service that allows you to discover how your publications are being cited and to incorporate that information into your online publication display page.

6. Article promotion

Articles published in Herbert Publications are promoted through Google adwords, promotional banner in the journals and conferences.
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