Payment, Refund and Cancellation Policy

Payment policy

Open access publishing is a new generation digital publishing where the author is charged the cost of publication process for an article and made available online for free to everyone. This covers the editorial and peer review cost, journal publishing, website hosting and administrative costs for Herbert Publications.

The submitting author is responsible for the payment of Article Processing Charge. Up to 50% Fee waiver on the journal's processing cost will be granted to the author who has no funds for publishing and to authors based in countries considered under Low-income economies. Click Here to find list of countries to which waiver will be provided.

The author must confirm during manuscript submission and agree to arrange processing charge once the article is accepted for publication. Herbert Publications suggest authors with no funds to explain and ask for a waiver or discount during manuscript submission.

The article will be published online only after successful payment of publication cost.

Payment Process

When manuscript received editorial acceptance after peer review process, the article will be forwarded to production process and the author will be informed with the publication charges and commenced with a formatting invoice. The author will be asked to approve the article for publication after final formatting corrections before completing the formatting invoice and payment process.

Payment can be made by any of the following methods:

  • Credit card payment can be made online using a secure payment form once manuscript received editorial acceptance for publication.
  • Cheque, purchase order, or institutional invoice (payment is due within 30 days).

Prompt payment is advised, as the article will not be published until payment is received. Upon online payment using a credit card, the authors will receive a receipt by email. Payments can be done only in US Dollars.

Refund Policy

Herbert Publications will, at its discretion, allow for the repay in case an article has not been published within 30 days from the date of payment after the manuscript has received editorial acceptance and complete proofreading by the author in principle.

Note : The policy applies only in case the publisher delays the publication.

The policy do not apply, once the Article is published and available online.

Cancellation policy

Herbert Publications does not encourage the withdrawal of a manuscript once the author completes Authorship Agreement.

It also does not allow cancellation of fee during the publishing process or once the article is published online, since the author agree and confirm the acceptance in the authorship agreement before paying Article Processing Charges.