Research Journal of Infectious Diseases

Research Journal of Infectious Diseases

ISSN 2052-5958
Letter to the Editor

A new approach to treating chronic infections

Alexander P. Malyshkin

Correspondence: Alexander P. Malyshkin

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Orenburg State Medical Academy, Orenburg, Russia.


There is strong evidence against the common view on a chronic infection as a consequence of the pathogen's antibiotic resistance and/or host's immune system insufficiency. A different explanation is offered by the active susceptibility concept. It postulates that a macroorganism is only susceptible to infection by the microorganisms, pathogenic and nonpathogenic alike, that produce certain substances required for the host's normal metabolism. This usually results in the formation of normal microflora, or "healthy carrier" cases, with an infectious disease as an occasional side effect. The possible practical implication is that administration of the products of the corresponding bacterial/viral gene to the host is expected to "switch off" the active susceptibility to the given infection, thus preventing or curing it. In the case of a plant or animal infectious disease, the gene can be directly integrated into the host's genome by genetic engineering methods.

Keywords: Chronic infection, prevention, treatment, normal microflora

ISSN 2052-5958
Volume 1
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