Research Journal of Infectious Diseases

Research Journal of Infectious Diseases

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Short report

A retrospective study to evaluate the efficacy of a new antibiotic adjuvant entity (β-lactam/β-lactamase inhibitor/adjuvant disodium edetate combination) for management of sepsis

Sachin Verma

Correspondence: Sachin Verma

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Internal Medicine and Critical Care, IVY Hospital Mohali, Punjab, India.


Aim and objective: The management of patients with sepsis and septic shock requires an integrated approach of accurate diagnosis along with rapid initiation of appropriate antimicrobial therapy. Here we present a retrospective analysis of a new therapy opted and outcome of the patients suffering from gram negative bacterial sepsis.

Materials and methods: A retrospective study was conducted to evaluate efficacy of new antibiotic adjuvant entity (Ceftriaxone+sulbactam+adjuvant disodium edetate) in 45 patients (showing sensitivity to AAE) with gram negative bacterial sepsis, treated at tertiary-care hospital between March 2013 to December 2014. AAE therapy was initiated empirically and continued based on the results of the in-vitro microbiological susceptibility testing and clinical outcome.

Results: Out of 45 patients, 37 (82.22%) patients were diagnosed with bacterial infections, which are susceptible to AAE, where as the 8 (17.18%) bacteria showed intermediate susceptibility towards AAE. Out of 37 patients treated with AAE, successful clinical response was observed in 25 (67.56%) patients with AAE alone, while in remaining 12 patients clinical cure was achieved with AAE and Colistin combination therapy. 08 patients with bacteria showing intermediate susceptibility towards AAE were successfully cured with AAE and colistin combination therapy.

Conclusion: AAE with its adjuvant and beta lactam/beta lactamase inhibitor combinations has the potential to be considered as a safe and efficient treatment option against gram negative bacterial sepsis. It provided clinical and microbiological cure both in mono and combination therapy used against gram negative bacterial sepsis.

Keywords: Ceftriaxone/sulbactam-disodium edetate, gram negative bacterial infections, sepsis, retrospective study

ISSN 2052-5958
Volume 3
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