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Case report

Heart attacks during dermatomyositis: case of a young Guinean 30 years

Djibril Sylla1*, Ibrahima Sory2 Sylla2, Amadou Kaké3, Ibrahima Camara3, Abdoulaye Camara2, Fodé Amara Traoré4, Fodé Bangaly Sako4, Boh Fanta Diané5, Mariame Béavogui2, Mamadou Dadhi Baldé2 and Mohamed Cissé5

*Correspondence: Djibril Sylla

1. Medico-surgical emergency department of Donka National Hospital, Guinea, West Africa.

Author Affiliations

2. Cardiac Service of Ignace Deen National Hospital, Guinea, West Africa.

3. Department of Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases at Donka National Hospital, Guinea, West Africa.

4. Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at Donka National Hospital, Guinea, West Africa.

5. Dermatology Department of Donka National Hospital, Guinea, West Africa.


Summary: The objective of this study is to describe the cardiovascular manifestations of dermatomyositis in a 30-year-old male and the therapeutic management.

Observation: This is Mr.T.S, 30 years old, with no particular history, admitted for chest pain, palpitations of sudden onset, dyspnea of effort, cough, physical asthenia and myalgia. Evolving for two (2) weeks without cardiovascular risk factor.

On clinical examination, reveals a tachycardia at 200 beats/minute, TA at 120/70 mmHg, rattles crackling at the two (2) pulmonary bases, there are erythematous and macular lesions on the trunk, on the elbows and on the face. The electrocardiogram shows ventricular tachycardia at 200 beats/minute.
The biological examinations show a rhapdomyolysis with CPKs elevated to 3988UI/L, ASAT=228UI, ALAT=149IU, VS at 40mm, CRP at 62.07mg/l, protein electrophoresis shows a polyclonal hyper-gamma globulinemia, protidemia to 85 g / dl., PL12-positive soluble anti-nuclear antigen antibody, anti SSA/Ro52 antibody at 0.9.
Doppler echocardiography revealed dilated hypokinetic cardiomyopathy with impaired left ventricular systolic function (FE=37%).

Conclusion: Dermatomyositis is a non-specific systemic organ disease, rare, cardiac manifestations must be systematically sought, it can be observed at any age and complications are numerous.

Keywords: Dermatomyositis, cardiac manifestations, ventricular tachycardia, CHU Conakry

ISSN 2052-6954
Volume 6
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