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Case report

Heart attacks in systemic scleroderma: about a case in Conakry

Djibril Sylla1*, Amadou Kake3, Ibrahima Sory2 Sylla2, Aly Samoura2, Abdoulaye Camara2, Ibrahima Sory Barry2, Ibrahima Camara3, Boh Fanta Diane5, Mariam Beavogui2 and Mamadou Dadhi Balde2

*Correspondence: jibril Sylla

1. Department of Medical and Surgical Emergencies of Donka National Hospital,Guinea.

Author Affiliations

2. Cardiac Service of Ignace Deen National Hospital, Guinea.

3. Department of Diabetology-Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases of Donka National Hospital, Guinea.

4. Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at Donka National Hospital, Guinea.

5. Dermatology Department of Donka National Hospital, Guinea.


Summary: The objective of this study was to describe the cardiac manifestations during systemic scleroderma in Conakry and the therapeutic management.

Observation: 49-year-old female patient, admitted to the Medico-Surgical Emergency Department of Donka Hospital and University for chest pain, dry cough, osteo-articular pain, physical asthenia; evolution of symptoms for two weeks, no history of known cardiovascular disease and no cardiovascular risk factor. On physical examination, we have: TA=130/80 mmHg, heart rate at 110 beats/minute, height 1.78 cm, weight 65 kg (BMI: 20.56 kg/m2). There was also a decrease in heart sounds, no rhythm disorder or deformation of the chest, no scar on the thorax, temperature at 37.6°C, axial deformation of the fingers of both hands with hypochromia, hard, localized at the level of small joints.

Conclusion: Systemic scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that is more common in women than in men. His diagnosis is clinical, immunological and completed by the classification criteria. The functional or vital prognosis can be put into play especially in case of heart attack as was the case in our patient. Corticotherapy opens a window of hope despite the fact that treatment is difficult.

Keywords: Scleroderma, cardiac involvement, Conakry, young subject

ISSN 2052-6954
Volume 7
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