Figure 2 : LT-to-ETT Exchange Technique.

(A) Place the AECS airway adapter on the proximal end of the LT airway tube and ventilate the patient through the sidearm connector.
(B) Guide a flexible FOB through the LT ventilation port and into the trachea.
(C) Pass the AECS wire through the FOB working channel until visualized in the trachea.
Remove the FOB over the wire, while maintaining the position of the wire in the airway.
Place the AECS exchange catheter over the AECS wire.
(F) Deflate the LT cuffs and remove it over the wire/ catheter unit.
Advance an ETT over the wire/catheter unit to an appropriate depth.
Remove the wire/catheter combination and verify correct ETT placement by bronchoscopic examination.

E. Galgon et al.Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Science  2012 1:15DOI : 10.7243/2049-9752-1-15