Journal of Anesthesiology & Clinical Science

Journal of Anesthesiology & Clinical Science

ISSN 2049-9752
Case report

Continuous caudal epidural anaesthesia for vaginal hysterectomy in a patient of heart disease and severe spinal deformity; a case report

Ashok Jadon*, Swastika Chakraborty, Neelam Sinha and Sunil Kedia

Correspondence: Ashok Jadon

Authors Affiliation :

Department of Anaesthesia Tata Motors Hospital, Jamshedpur-831004, Jharkhand, India.


We present this case report where we have used fluoroscopic localization of caudal space and caudal epidural catheter placement to conduct caudal epidural anaesthesia in a case of vaginal hysterectomy and colporrhaphy with co-morbidity of severe spinal deformity, valvular heart disease and pulmonary hypertension.

Keywords: Caudal epidural block, fluoroscopic guided, vaginal hysterectomy, kyphoscoliosis, valvular heart disease, pulmonary hypertension

ISSN 2049-9752
Volume 2
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