Journal of Anesthesiology & Clinical Science

Journal of Anesthesiology & Clinical Science

ISSN 2049-9752
Case report

Anesthetic management of a parturient with segmental neurofibromatosis

Kevin Blackney, Mark J. McKeen* and Yvonne Lai

*Correspondence: Mark J. McKeen

Author Affiliations

Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Boston, USA.


Segmental neurofibromatosis is a rare, but likely under reported form of neurofibromatosis. The traditional definition is that of dermatologic manifestations of neurofibromatosis, including neurofibromas and café-au-lait macules, confined to one segment of the body as a result of a somatic mutation. However, this definition has expanded to include deeper tissue and systemic involvement. To date, there is limited description with regards to anesthetic management of obstetric patients with this condition. Here we report on a patient with segmental neurofibromatosis who presented for induction of labor that was soon complicated by conversion to cesarean delivery for a non-reassuring fetal heart rate tracing.

Keywords: Segmental neurofibromatosis, neuraxial, obstetric anesthesia, epidural, spinal

ISSN 2049-9752
Volume 3
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