Figure 1 : (a) Bone marrow aspiration revealed medium to large sized atypical lymphoma cells with indisticnt nucleoli, basophilic cytoplasm and cytoplasmic vacuoles (May-Giemsa staining x1000). (b) Immunophenotyping panel at the initial presentation. (c)(d)(e)(f)(g)(h)(i) Bone marrow biopsy at the initial presentation showed widespread infiltration lymphoma cells ((c)H&E x200). Lymphoma cells are positive for (d) CD20(L26) (x200), (e)CD79α(x200), (f) BCL6(x400), (g)BCL2(x400), (h)MUM1(x400), but negative for (i)CD3(x200). (j) G-Banding chromosomal analysis of the bone marrow cells at the initial presentation demonstrated that 15 of the 20 cells analyzed showed complex chromosomal abnormalities, including 47, XX, -1, add (3) (q11.2), add (4) (q31), t(6;14) (p21;q32), del (8) (q22q23), ?t(9;14) (p13;q32), add(12)(p11.2), der(12)add(12)(p13), (15/20)46XX(5/20) add (12) (q22), der(15)t(1;15)(q11;p11.1) del(1)(q23q25), der(16)add(16)(p11.2) add(16)(q22),+18,add(20)(q11.2),+der(?)t(?;1)(?;p22).

Nishida et al.Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research  2012 1:28DOI : 10.7243/2049-7962-1-28