Table 2 : Spiritual Pain from Persistent Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy.

    Units; Record Units (%) n=20

Categories Subcategories Codes
Losing sight of my value
because of functional
impairment from PCIPN

9; 45.0%
Losing the meaning of treatment that offers no
hope of a cure because of the terrible PCIPN
5; 25.0%
“Control of cancer with anticancer drugs is meaningless if my legs are disabled due to numbness”.
“Life with numbness is difficult, and I wonder if it would be better to choose not to receive treatment”.
“I wonder whether there is any meaning behind enduring this numbness resulting from treatment when there is no hope of a complete cure, and this causes distress”.
“I spend much of my time resting quietly because of numbness and thinking about my future, which is distressing”.
“Even though I will not recover from my disease, I would at least like to get rid of this numbness so that I can do the things I want to do”.
Suffering from PCIPN due to no longer being
able to do routinely things 4; 20.0%
“I have been robbed of my work and hobbies by this numbness, and the road in front of me is dark”.
“I have a sense of helplessness in being unable to do anything by myself as a result of this numbness”.
“I think it will be the end when I can no longer walk because of this numbness”.
“I am miserable at not being able to do things I used to do routinely because of numbness”.
Threatening the value of my existence in the family with
PCIPN 11; 55.0%
Questioning one’s value in the family with
respect to continuation of treatment and
resulting distress 5; 25.0%
“If I am of no use as a member of the family, there is no value in living as a financial burden on my son and I would like to quit treatment”.
“I don’t feel like myself at all, since I am unable to go anywhere without help from others. So, I am thinking about quitting the treatment”.
“Family members tell me they want me to live a long time, and so I put up with the treatment even though the numbness is considerable”.
Losing the meaning of living without being able
to fulfill a role within the family as a result of
PCIPN 6; 30.0%
“I feel like I am going to lose my meaning in life as a homemaker since I can no longer do housework because of increased numbness”.
“I understand that family members help out of kindness, but I have a feeling of helplessness as if being told that I was useless”.
“I become depressed at not being able to fulfill my role as a wife when guests visit because of hand numbness”.
“I feel like I am going to lose my meaning in life since I am not a useful member of the family because of increased numbness”.
Fujimoto et al.Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research  2016 5:9DOI : 10.7243/2049-7962-5-9