Table 3 : Comparison of MIG in whole day among three regimens in subgroup with baseline MIG≥10.0mmol/L and <10.0mmol/L.

  PHI70/30 LM25 LM50

Subgroup with baseline MIG≥10.0mmol/L (n=6) 12.2±2.0Δ 9.4±1.5* 9.4±3.4
Subgroup with baseline MIG<10.0mmol/L (n=13) 8.8±0.9 9.0±1.0 9.0±2.6

*:vs. PHI70/30, P<0.05; Δ:vs. LM25, P<0.05.
Baseline MIG of 12.2 nmol/l is translated to HBA1C of 9.3%.

Li et al.Journal of Diabetes Research and Clinical Metabolism  2013 2:15DOI : 10.7243/2050-0866-2-15