Table 2 : Dietary and Biochemical Parameters between Groups.

Parameters Control DM DFU ANOVA

Dietary -- -- -- P value
Energy -- -- -- --
Total, Kcal/day 1654±510ab 1913±799a 1394±432b 0.008
Kcal/kg 23.2±7.2a 20.6±8.9a 13.2±4.1b 0.000


Total, g/day 72±25 90±39 60±27 0.003
g/kg 1.02±0.39a 0.97±0.45a 0.57±0.27b 0.000

AGE (CML)        

Total, Eq/day 10.4±5.2a 14.2±4.2ab 13.9±4.7b 0.007
Eq/Kcal 6.3±3.1a 9.1±4.8b 9.2±4.7b 0.001
Eq/g protein 149.1±78.9a 179.0±80.7a 270.2±135.3b 0.000


AGE, µg/mL 1.07±0.25 1.10±0.30 1.25±0.27 0.039
CRP, µg/mL 3.55±4.66a 5.33±5.32ab 8.48±9.53b 0.033
TNF-α, pg/mL 9.62±2.90a 13.55±4.45b 12.97±2.54b 0.000
TBARS, uM 0.17±0.12a 0.58±0.39b 0.90±0.61c 0.000

  Note: Different symbols (a,b,c) show differences between groups (p<0.05).
One-way ANOVA used for differences among groups with post hoc Bonferroni's
correction for multiple comparisons. AGE, advanced Glycation end products;
CRP, C-reactive protein; TNF-α, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha; TBARS,
thiobarbituric acid reactive substances; C, non-diabetic controls; DM,
participants with Diabetes mellitusbutwithout foot ulcers; DFU, participants with DFU.

Spicer et al.Journal of Diabetes Research and Clinical Metabolism  2014 3:2DOI : 10.7243/2050-0866-3-2