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Systematical Analysis of the Application of Chinese Traditional Medicine Informatics to Diabetes Proved Recipesw

Jie Yang

Author Affiliations :

Corresponding author: Jie Yang

State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Life Science College, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, P. R. China.


Chinese medicinal materials that originate from animal, mineral and plant have thousands years for diabetes therapy and accumulate a great deal of valuable clinical experience. The rapidly increasing diabetes mellitus is becoming a serious threat to mankind health in all parts of the world. Currently, bioinformatics has already impenetrate biology, medicine, genomics, clinical pharmacology, botany, and other subjects. This paper mainly expatiates the actual application of information technology to traditional Chinese medicinal materials, especially build a database of diabetes mellitus proved recipe (DMPR) by Microsoft Access 2000; analyze and find complexity information of DMPR viz matrix alignment. Our research results reveal that there is not linearity relationship between P value and clinical activities of DMPR that show diversity and complexity; and t-test results show that P1 value of simple score matrix and P2 value of complex score matrix present significantly difference and the latter is more rational than the former because the secondary score matrix plays a complementary role to the first score matrix so that enhance the reliability and the veracity of prediction. Therefore, bioinformatics at many scales and many levels should be spread for Chinese traditional medicine proved recipe possessing complexity, diversity, and non-linearity. This will greatly change the research actuality of Chinese traditional medicine, improve the research level of Chinese traditional medicine informatics, and accelerate the research step of modernization of Chinese traditional medicine.

Keywords: diabetes mellitus proved recipe, bioinformatics, Chinese Traditional Medicine Informatics, diabetes Chinese traditional prescriptions

ISSN 2050-0866
Volume 1
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