Journal of Diabetes Research & Clinical Metabolism

Journal of Diabetes Research & Clinical

ISSN 2050-0866

Psoriasis and insulin resistance: a review

Rhea Fitzgerald*, Muriel Sadlier, Maureen Connolly and Anne Marie Tobin

*Correspondence: Rhea Fitzgerald

Author Affiliations

Department of Dermatology, Tallaght Hospital, Dublin 24, Ireland.


Psoriasis is a T-cell mediated inflammatory disease of the skin and joints. It has been linked to obesity and to the metabolic syndrome. It is now recognized that psoriasis is also associated with insulin resistance, diabetes and atherogenesis. This appears to be due to the adipokines and mediators of inflammation which are common to these conditions. In this review, we sought to demonstrate the increasing evidence that these conditions are associated and to review the potential pathogenesis and mechanisms.

Keywords: Psoriasis, insulin resistance, cytokines, adipokines, type 2 diabetes mellitus, endothelial dysfunction

ISSN 2050-0866
Volume 3
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