Table 1 : Source of Wastewater Drainage from Different Pits in Hospitals A and B.

Pit Hospital A Hospital B

Pit 1 Anatomy-pathology lab Operation Room, Cardiac Support Unit,
Offices and Nurses toilets

Pit 2 Lower floors (B2 to B5) Practice division, Housekeeping,
Operating rooms, Catheter labs, Laundry, One day surgery
The catheter labs, toilets
(Pit Not accessible)

Pit 3 Mechanical equipment Preparation room of nurses
Dialysis, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Emergency Room

Pit 4 Pharmacy lab Radiotherapy, Pharmacy, Morgue

Pit 5  9th floor till the first basement, Patient floors, Doctors’ clinics,
Emergency rooms, Kitchen, Outpatient department,
Blood bank, Laboratory, Radiology
Drainage of all the
previous pits

Abdel-Massih et al.Journal of Environmental Engineering and Ecological Science  2016 5:2DOI : 10.7243/2050-1323-5-2