Original ResearchOpen Access

Bacterial community establishment in native and non-native soils and the effect of fungal colonization

Rashid Nazir, Alexander V Semenov, Nermin Sarigul, Jan Dirk van Elsas
Applied Scientific Reports 2013 1 : 8 ( 17 May 2013 )
Original ResearchOpen Access

Detection of Bartonella quintana DNA in the presence of human and feline whole blood by single-tube PCR without DNA extraction

Bridget Ann Morton, Pedro Paulo Vissotto de Paiva Diniz
Applied Scientific Reports 2013 1 : 7 ( 3 May 2013 )

Biofilm and Quorum sensing

The aim of introducing this section is to focus on bacterial response to adverse conditions and external stimulus. The scope of this section focuses on cell communication - quorum sensing, through biochemical signalling pathways like two-component signal transduction, and anti quorum sensing treatments.This section also focuses on infectious disease caused by biofilms like catheter infections, dental plaque, gingivitis, middle ear infections, urinary tract infections, endocarditis.

Microbial Pathogenesis

Scope of this section includes disease mechanism, mode of transmission, host-pathogen interactions, causal microorganisms, viral diseases, zoonotic diseases, bacterial diseases, Tuberculosis and non tuberculosis mycobacterial disease, other pathogenic diseases. This section also includes clinical microbiology after diagnosis of the disease, host drug resistance and susceptibility, multi drug resistance, new drug targets, immunotherapy and epidemiology.

Microbial Genomics

This section focuses on the genetic architecture of microorganisms like gene expression, mutation, post genomic approaches such as transcriptomic analysis, and bacterial reproduction. The importance of the section also includes human microbiome, target gene sequencing, pyrosequencing, metegenomics and RNA - protein based other techniques.

Industrial Microbiology

This special section covers microbial application in various industries and their products such as fermented food products, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, bio fuels, and catalysts. The scope of section also concentrates on food microbiology, the study of microbial physiology with respect to environment that includes bioremediation, waste water treatment, and leaching.