Journal of Proteome Science & Computational Biology

Journal of Proteome Science & Computational Biology

ISSN 2050-2273
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Systematic Investigation on Interactions for HIV Drug Resistance and Cross-Resistance among Protease Inhibitors

Jing Zhang1*, Tingjun Hou3, Yang Liu1, Gang Chen1, Xiao Yang1, Jun S. Liu4 and Wei Wang2

*Corresponding author: Jing Zhang

1. Department of Statistics, Yale University, 24 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven, CT

Author Affiliations

2. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 4254 Urey Hall, UCSD, 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, CA 92093-0359.

3. Functional Nano & Soft Materials Laboratory, Soochow University, Suzhou 215123, P. R. China.

4. Department of Statistics, Harvard University, 1 Oxford street, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA.


We systematically investigate the interactions for HIV drug resistance and cross-resistance of three protease inhibitors. Using Bayesian probabilistic models, we first detect mutation combinations related to drug resistance in the HIV-1 protease or reverse transcriptase (RT) of patients with single, double and triple drug treatments respectively, and then infer detailed interaction structures of these mutations. Moreover, we compare the resistance patterns of single-drug treatments and multiple-drug treatments and study the selection patterns of mutations from single-drug treatments and multiple-drug treatments, using molecular dynamics simulation and free energy calculations, in order to draw inference for giving advice on the design of multiple-drug treatments.

ISSN 2050-2273
Volume 1
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